You’ve had your share of swims, slides and thrill rides this summer. By now, you might be a little burnt out and slightly sun baked, but the fun doesn’t have to stop. Relax and unwind while lazily drifting on the calm waters of the Wisconsin River from the comfort of your own spacious tube. Breathe deep, exhale, and take in the magnificent scenery and sunshine that only a day on the river has to offer. Tubing with River’s Edge is the perfect way to add a little chill and relaxation to your summer adventures in the Dells.

We get it – Summer moves pretty fast sometimes. The resorts, parks and attractions are a high-speed frenzied blast, but when it comes slowing down and resting your tired soles, nothing beats kicking your feet up floating down the river in a big rubber donut. Load up some brews and your crew and head to River’s Edge. Soak up the summer sunshine while keeping cool as you sail atop a current of refreshing water. Floating around with friends will give you exactly what you were missing from your wet and wild summer. Chill for a couple of hours or make a day of it by stopping to explore the sandy beaches and sandbars along the way. Hot sun, cool water, crisp drinks, & friends. What more could you ask for? River’s Edge Tubing leaves you with an unforgettable experience that will have you planning your next tube-ular trip before you hit the shores.