When you’re looking for a family night out in the Dells, you’ll want to make the latest, trendiest family-friendly restaurant, Lake City Social, your new go-to destination. With a chic, modern interior with nautical decor and blue accents, you and your family will feel like you’ve been transported to a lakeshore oasis.

Lake City Social is the perfect place to gather as a family in their newly renovated restaurant located in the heart of the Wisconsin Dells. They have an expansive dining room filled with large tables and booths to accommodate families of any size, and a fresh new bar area where Mom and Dad can treat themselves to a night out.

Father and daughter sitting together in a at Lake City Social dining with their family

The new interior is also great for business luncheons or dinners, bachelorette and bachelor parties and other group events requiring private dining spaces.

Aside from the beautiful new dining room, Lake City Social is also setting a high bar for variety and quality of food in the Dells. They’ve developed and rolled out American-style recipes infused with unique, culinary twists. Check out the Lake City Loaded Nachos, the Wisconsin-Style Street Corn Mac, or the Devil’s Revenge Burger with seasoned pork carnitas, pepper jack cheese, ghost pepper chili sauce, and fresh jalapeños.

Whether you’re craving a decadent appetizer, a loaded salad, or a robust sandwich, there’s something on the menu for everyone. It’s not everyday you find a restaurant that is able to cater so well to the complex palates of adults while appealing to the kiddos too.

The next time you’re on vacation, or just don’t feel like cooking dinner, bring the whole fam out to Lake City Social, and see why it’s our new family favorite!