T he DEL-BAR is a place that has a following. Loyalists from near and far that can’t get enough of it with its legacy dining, suit jacket or casual dress kind of feel that offers you a table to celebrate, to fall in love for the first or last time, and to really, truly eat. That genuine supper club ambiance never gets old and the food is always memorably delicious. With their perfectly seared prime-aged steaks, mouth-watering Alaskan crab legs, and a slew of good wines to pair, there’s no wrong choice. 

You cannot find a place in this area that does traditional yet remarkable food better than The Del-Bar. If you haven’t been – you are severely behind on your foodie game. The experience encapsulates itself on your list for date nights, girls night out, family celebration, you name it. The Del-Bar is memorable, I promise you. Proof is the staff, the eclectic furnishings, the iconic bathroom, the never ending appetizer options (you can’t just pick one!), the oaky smell of prime meat cuts drafting through the restaurant, and the incredible amount of care that goes into every dish. 

The Del-Bar reminds us what a Wisconsin supper-club experience should truly feel like – home. Family-run by two sisters who have a knack for anticipating the customer’s unique and simple tastes, the location, the staff dedicated to serving, and the Frank Lloyd Wright decor sets it apart. We’ll be siding up to that bar to sip on authentic Old Fashioneds and Chocolate Martinis for another 75 years!