Nestled among the pines at the edge of Mirror Lake, Ishnala Supper Club is fine dining united with nature. From specialty cocktails, to zesty surf & turf entrées, to magnificent views of the water and surrounding bluffs, it is no surprise that Ishnala has been continually voted the #1 Supper Club in Wisconsin.

Drink in the views while you sip on Ishnala’s famous Classic Old Fashioned made from Ishnala’s exclusive Supper Club Brandy. This exclusive Brandy is aged in bourbon barrels and maintains the perfect balance of rich, sweet, and smooth with aromas of caramel and butterscotch. Combine that with muddled fruit and Ishnala’s homemade Old Fashioned mix, and you have an unmatched Wisconsin classic. If you have a preference for Bourbon, Ishnala also carries their premier Single Barrel Bourbon as a perfect substitute as well. For the wine connoisseur, Ishnala offers a large collection of fine wines including two crafted by Wollersheim Winery, which you can only find at Ishnala. Settle in with the full-bodied Ishnala Private Reserve Red Blend with overtones of lush blackberries and black cherries that has a slightly spicy oak finish. If you prefer a lighter body, the Ishnala White carries bright and lively citrus and mango notes with a subtly sweeter finish. 

Beyond the notably splendid wines and spirits, Ishnala also boasts naturally aged meats, hand-cut and aged for 45 days, as well as sensational seafood from the lake and sea. While you’re deciding what to indulge in, you can enjoy the relaxing ambiance and awe-inspiring views surrounding the dining room. Some have even said, time doesn’t apply here, because it is so easy to become immersed in their homey, rustic environment and surrounding natural landscape. When you’re ready for a dining experience you won’t soon forget, treat yourself to an evening at Ishnala and revel in the vivacious vista that only this supper club can offer.