The Summer House Grill & Bar has invited people to chill on their back patio for nearly four summers now. The tradition lives on as each year becomes a unique and memorable experience. Something about dining outdoors with a picturesque view of the Lake Delton waterfront makes fresh dishes and refreshing cocktails even more enjoyable. The whole sensory package of sound, sight, smell, and taste come together as a beautiful symphony at the Summer House. Savor the flavor of the delightfully summer-themed menu as you take in the audible and visual tranquility of the sunny lakeshore property. 

This summer the opportunity to unwind only grows with their recent addition of a shipping bar, coined lovingly as “The Dock”. Whether you are a tourist seeking a laid-back vacation or a local looking to escape for the night in your own city, The Dock promises to offer an ambiance unlike any other. The outdoor bar is the perfect space for groups to begin their night by sipping on hand-crafted cocktails in a toast to good weather, great friends, and future memories. The Dock features appetizers, entrées, beer, wine, and handcrafted cocktails. Drink in hand, the festoon lighting will entrance you and suddenly all your woes will melt away for the night. Just when you thought your dining experience couldn’t get any better, in comes a night of live entertainment. 

While the lakeside ambiance is top-notch, we can’t go without raving about the delectable food selection as well. From apps like Crispy Calamari to the rich, flavorful Walleye Fillet main dish, Summer House has fantastic seafood options you won’t get anywhere else in the Dells. Dive into the coastal flavors of their Peel & Eat Shrimp, beer-boiled shrimp drenched in spices and served with cocktail sauce and spicy mayo. If you aren’t a seafood lover, you might be enticed by one of their other summer-inspired plates. Bite into the not-so-ordinary Grilled Chicken Sandwich to experience the flavors of fresh, peppery arugula and bright avocado-lime sauce. Get the best of both worlds with a magnificent view that feeds the soul and flavorful dishes that feed that hungry stomach.

We’ve all seen the increase in demand for outdoor seating during the warm weather months, and Summer House has ample seating on its deck. Specially designed for the best waterfront dining experience The Dock at Summer House offers more than just a meal or blended cocktail. Restaurant goers will be immersed in an unbeatable summer atmosphere. Grab a table on The Dock, enjoy the live music, and let the warm breeze dance through your hair.