The story of MOOSEJAW is one of our favorites. Originally named after a city in Canada, we now know them to be so much more. Consistently they’ve shown up as one of the best pizza places in town… with the best delivery vehicles! They’ve captivated us with their Northwoods decor, but their brewery has remained humble, despite having 12 microbrews and 7 classic sodas on tap at all times. They’ve brewed over 100 different styles of microbrew all made in their 15 barrel copper-clad brewing system. 

We want locals and tourists alike to know the magic that awaits you up those beautiful cedar stairs. It’s a completely different look, vibe, and pace than you find on the main restaurant floor or on the lower level, which is an arcade lover’s dream. Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co. has a story of consistency, flavor, and comfort. While Moosejaw screams to put on those antlers, grab a slice and say cheese, the brewery district of the restaurant invites you to push the pause button and connect with your surroundings, just like you would up north.

All of the usual Moosejaw favorite food classics can be ordered upstairs and the next time you visit, we dare you to sit high atop the place and order a flight of eight or twelve unique brews – the perfect pairing to a tried and true order of their homemade Mozzarella Sticks .

There’s no such thing as a bad time for a beer and Moosejaw knows this well. They compliment the beer-tasting experience in a safe, family-friendly brewery kind of way, and make it possible to continue the experience at home with bottles and cans available for purchase as well. You can find the Wisconsin Dells beers and sodas in many of the local stores, hotels and gas stations… try them today!

Can we let you in on another secret? The third floor of this iconic restaurant is where THE FIRST EVER FEMALE BREWMASTER IN WISCONSIN started her craft, making those unique and tasty blends of barley, hops, water and yeast. Over the years, Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co. has grown and transformed and is now the hidden gem you’ll find today. All you have to do is walk up the stairs.