B-LUX GRILL & BAR is the kind of place that has almost as much character as the Wisconsin Dells itself. The restaurant’s locally-based owners have put a lot of thought into how to provide high-quality menu offerings, while maintaining a family-friendly and relaxed, yet sophisticated environment.

Aside from being a great neighborhood grill and bar, B-Lux sets itself apart by using fresh ingredients in all of their dishes, most of which are made entirely from scratch. The wide variety of menu items is sure to appeal to locals and tourists alike. Take the burger menu – you’ve got The Cheesehead with a half pound of fresh beef, loaded with beer-battered cheese curds, chicken-fried bacon, shredded lettuce, and Wisconsin cheddar – an instant locals’ favorite. On the other hand there’s The Big Hippie Burger, a chipotle-black bean patty with pepper jack cheese, sprouts and avocado.

And those are just the burgers. Mac & cheese, tacos, and wings are among some of the other mouth-watering favorites. But when you’re going to B-Lux, there’s one thing you need to know: don’t sleep on the shakes! When you discover the unique flavors like The Cereal Killer (Fruit Loops & marshmallow cream), The Mojo Jojo (peanut butter, banana, and chocolate), Strawberry Cheesecake, and even Salted Caramel Popcorn, you’ll understand why you can’t pass these up. One of the most famous (and photo-worthy) shakes on the menu is the B-Lux Donut Shake. It’s a Nutella shake, topped with a glazed donut, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Need we say more?

B-Lux is known for their kid-friendly dining, which is why you’ll find so many fun shake flavors on the menu, but who says the fun has to be just for the kids? B-Lux also offers an assortment of hard shakes with names and flavors just as creative as The Cereal Killer. Among them are Oreo-A-Go-Go and Kentucky Brainfreeze, just to name a few.

At the end of the day, B-Lux is a Wisconsin Dells favorite and a quality family-dining experience that you just can’t get anywhere else!