It’s a cold, blustery winter day in Wisconsin, with temperatures in the mid 20’s and a light snow blowing sideways past your kitchen windows. It’s one of those days where you know you need to get out of the house, but there’s not enough snow to go sledding, and besides, that windchill is turning your cheeks a permanent shade of red. Still, you are longing for an adventure and the kids are literally bouncing off the walls. Well, why not take advantage of a gorgeous, climate-controlled setting hidden below the earth in beautiful Blue Mounds, Wisconsin and escape that wintry weather? A visit to CAVE OF THE MOUNDS is the answer for explorers seeking the perfect cold-day adventure! You and the fam will be amazed by the scenic beauty of this underground cave system, as you trade the freezing temps and biting windchill outside for a trek through gorgeous formations in a subterranean environment that naturally remains at a comfortable 50 degrees Fahrenheit all year-round!

From stalactites and stalagmites to majestic rock columns and underground pools, the Cave will mesmerize you with it’s natural beauty. Known as the “Jewel Box” of America’s major caves, this geologic wonder will treat the eyes to a variety of delicate formations. 

Self-guided tours provide ample opportunities to gaze upon the wonders of Mother Nature’s handiwork, created over the course of millions of years. Winding pathways will safely lead you from one unique specimen to the next. Even kids, who might typically find it difficult to pull their eyes away from their devices, will find themselves ooohing and ahhhing as they encounter something new and spectacular that they have never seen before. Now that’s what we call a memory-maker!

While the Cave itself is the centerpiece of the visit, it’s by no means the only part of the Cave of the Mounds experience. Visitors of all ages will absolutely love a visit to the on-site Rock and Fossil Shop, filled with mementos, educational resources, and hundreds of breathtaking rock and mineral specimens. Are you looking for some interactive fun? Kids and adults will go bananas for the Gemstone Mine & Fossil Dig activities, allowing you to discover your own unique gemstone and fossil specimens. Don’t forget to bring your snowshoes to explore the untouched nature trails that surround the area… there is just so much to see! 

So this winter, when those cold, gray days start to wear on you, don’t panic! Escape on a day trip to the Cave of the Mounds and make some awesome family memories that will last a lifetime!