It’s hard to find a restaurant that my husband and I love as much as our kids.  Usually, we are either plugging our ears at some overstimulated, crazy joint or my kids are bored and begging to stare at their phones instead of simply looking around.  Luckily, we have hit the jackpot and live only ten minutes away from the best kept secret – Cimaroli’s Supper Club.  I’m not sure it’s much of a secret to the locals – but if you are itching for the best service and some true Wisconsin supper club action – you can’t beat this place.  

My kids love the “cheers” vibe and getting that “Norm feeling” as much as my husband and I do – although I’m sure they have no idea who Norm is.  No reservations allowed because you go there to have an experience – and while you wait you can play basketball in the summer and roam the beautiful property located in the middle of BFE! I can sip on the best Old Fashioned in the county while the kids play yard games or we listen to some light music playing in the true-to-form supper club bar area.  

Once seated – I’m pretty sure we are served by the most experienced staff in history every single time. My kids literally don’t use a menu anymore – they have found the famous flat-irons as their go-to.  I can’t disagree – but the Italian potatoes are my fav!  

This family-owned gem has formed traditions for families over decades and it’s quite light on the pocketbook.  You can’t beat the prices for the service, food and experience all rolled up into one great evening out.  My kids BEG to go – and I love that we can all enjoy it together over and over again.

*Little women approved*