This year we’ve seen monumental changes under the Wilderness Resort’s roof, including a new multi-million dollar aerial adventure ride and the Dells’ first eating hall. Take Flight and Camp Social are unique and engaging ways for both guests and locals to partake in what this town really has to offer – fun, wholesome ways to engage with family the safe and relaxed way. If you haven’t been, the Wisconsin wintry season that is upon us is the perfect time to explore indoors! 

As the holiday decorations come down, don’t forget to check out FLYING WILD™, their year-round signature film that will take riders over 20+ iconic US destinations including the Statue of Liberty, Crater Lake, Door County, and our locally treasured, Devil’s Lake. Soar through the skies, feel the salty sea air on your face, and see America’s greatest natural landmarks from your seat! Complete with airport simulation, boarding pass collection, and live CGI movie magic, you’ll enjoy a 20-minute experience with your family and loved ones that you won’t want to miss! 

After you fly and see the magic views from atop your seat, there’s no better meal to be had than in the Camp Social food line. This modern take on our favorite style of eating includes all the comfort food we love, like skillets of macaroni +cheese and warm, cozy drinks. Spread out at the family-style, wooden picnic benches or sit at the burger bar any hour of the day to enjoy a beer flight or a friendly chat with the bartender in between juicy bites of burger. If there’s one thing the holidays can do, it’s bring us together. With food as a mantra and fun as an anthem, we thank Wilderness for providing some of the best entertainment in the city!