No doubt you’ve marveled at its majestic beauty from afar, but when the sun is scorching-hot and the temperature outside is steadily creeping higher, it’s time to get to know the Wisconsin River up close and personal.On days like this, you need a little bit of sand between your toes, a little river water cooling down your core, and an icy-cold brew in your favorite koozie, ready to sip. Well, bust out that teeny-weeny bikini, load up that cooler and grab your crew. It’s time to unwind on river time while tubing at the RIVERS EDGE!

Boys and girls, a day on the river doesn’t get any better than this! Today, your aching feet are getting a break from slapping the sidewalks downtown and your soul gets a much-needed reset. You’ve already ticked off most of the items on your vacay bucket list, so why not treat yo’ self to a carefree day in the water? When you and the crew dip your toes at the water’s edge and plant your bottoms in a tube, you can guarantee that a day of relaxation, natural beauty (and likely, some group shenanigans) will be waiting for you.

From the squeaky comfort of your own personal tube, the float downriver will fill your eyes with some of the prettiest vistas the area has to off er. Imagine majestic white pines perched atop beautifully carved sandstone cliff s while the gently flowing water tickles your toes. Ahhhhhhh, nature… it just feels so good on the body and soul! Floaters can plan to spend a minimum of 2-4 hours on their tubing adventure or make a day of it by hopping ashore at an inviting beach or sandbar along the way. Either way, Rivers Edge Tubing will leave you with playful memories and a full soul – an experience you won’t soon forget!