It’s time we unveil one of Downtown Dells’ greatest secrets. A space so intentional, a burger so delicious, and an environment that’s been kept under wraps for far too long. This diamond in the rough is family-friendly with classic food by day and slowly transforms as the hours tick by to something far greater than you ever imagined. This is a bookend for pub-hopping down the Broadway strip with a bar scene that rivals the best of them, and a next-level environment pre and post-dinner. That grill, those lanes, and those walls within the space have some rich and unique history – one that’s still writing stories and recipes. A place that combines burgers, brews, and bowling has been under your nose this entire time. 

We’re here for the formal introduction; we proudly want you to shake hands with the supper club of bowling: CHALET LANES & LOUNGE

How underrated are they, you may ask? Their hand pressed burgers have made their way into the hearts of locals as a menu staple. The lunch club crowds can also be seen assembling multiple times a week to delight in the specials – a true craft of care for their food and well thought out brews and ingredients to pair. Nothing beats the grub you get– with all the smells and feels included for free. 

Big things are coming to Chalet Lanes in 2021; including new focuses and more opportunities to hang and have a laugh. Grab your gals, dudes, lover or kiddos – there’s a lane and a plate waiting for you!

A place that combines burgers, brews, and bowling has been under your nose THIS ENTIRE TIME.

Autumn Giddings, Local Dells Hero