When the weather starts to change, and forecasts of snow threaten the Midwest, there’s nothing that can make you feel more cozy and safe than a big, piping hot bowl of comfort food.

Depending on where you’re from, that bowl might be full of New England clam chowder, or maybe it’s a pan of Chicago deep dish pizza, or even a plate of fish tacos, Philly cheesesteak or BBQ brisket.

If you’re from Wisconsin, however; you know that your favorite kind of comfort food involves cheese. Cheese curds, cheeseburgers, cheese dip, and maybe best of all, macaroni & cheese.

Now picture this: a steaming hot skillet of the creamiest, gooiest, cheesiest mac & cheese you can imagine, topped with MORE comfort food: a cheeseburger, a cheesesteak, a taco, a baked potato, BBQ pulled pork. 

That is exactly what you will find at MACS Macaroni and Cheese Shop. Forkful after gooey forkful of cheese-smothered goodness.

But first you have to choose which Mac to order (hint: there is no wrong answer), and in what size (you won’t regret the Mac Daddy). If you can’t finish it all, it’s just as good the next day. If you’re having trouble deciding, we’ll give you a few savory suggestions.

The Loaded Baked Potato Mac is one of our favorites, as it is topped with actual baked potato, bacon, sour cream, chives and even more cheese. It is only available in the Mac Daddy size (no complaints here) and it will no doubt warm your soul.

Next up: Memphis Mac. Topped with cheese (obviously), insanely tender and delicious pulled pork, tangy BBQ sauce, and crispy onion tanglers. How can you go wrong?

We Wisconsinites love our ranch. We dip our veggies in it, our pizza in it, and even our chicken in it. Which brings us to the Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac. It’s exactly what it sounds like: chicken, bacon, ranch, and you guessed it, more cheese!

If you don’t like chicken, bacon, or ranch, we’ll try not to judge, and point you towards the Popeye Mac or Veggie Mac.

When you’re looking for an adventure (or maybe you’ve already had a little too much of one), the Hangover Mac is the way to go. Coming in as probably the most loaded Mac on the menu, it’s topped with pepper jack, mozzarella, hash browns, bacon, grilled hot dog, sautéed green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and sriracha. Available only in the Mac Daddy size, let’s just say it’s a mouthful.

The menu goes on and on with Cheeseburger Mac, Taco Mac, Philly Mac, and so many other Macs, each topped with all your favorite comfort foods. And just when you think it can’t get any better, each skillet of mac & cheese is accompanied by two homemade toasties for a perfectly crunchy compliment.

After you’ve tried all 18 macs, they also have melts, salads, and even cakes and cookies, so we hope you save room for dessert!

If you just can’t get enough of the cheesiness, follow MACS on Facebook at @MACSMacaroniAndCheeseShop or on Instagram at @macs_restaurant.